Whale Fall


About The Project

About two years ago I had an idea to write a children's book about grief through the lense of a natural phenomena (The whale fall). At the time I was living with Jim (James Cottage), who thought that it was a good idea and he offered to illustrate the book when I started writing it. Fast forward to last November (2016), Jim asked me when I was going to get around to writing the book. Well, here is the first chapter. I plan on making the book 5 or 6 chapters, with the release of the first chapter being just after new years (2017). I have expertise in education so I plan on really making this an actionable book for educators and families, but I also have a deep passion for science (for more on my resume, check out the about section). 

This is going to be a fantastic project. Follow me on Twitter for updates : )

Quick Facts about the book:

The book will...

  • be 5-6 chapters

  • be around 45-50 pages total

  • have companion challenge-based lesson plans

  • include an extensive glossary with images

  • include embedded video and whale songs

  • update automatically as chapters are added through ibooks


Whale Fall uses a natural phenomena by the same name to engage it’s readers in a conversation about what happens when we lose someone we love. Whale Fall contains a robust glossary, beautiful full color imagery, and breath-taking videos to tell the story of Baleen, a blue whale near the end of her life. 

Currently the book contains one chapter, which will be expanded throughout the year.

Written by Robert Bajor

Illustrated by James Cottage


Soon, you can download all of the artwork from Whale Fall in the following formats: 

  • 5"x7" 

  • 11"x14" 

  • 18"x 24"

We recommend using https://www.framebridge.com/

to have this digital image professionally printed and framed. <3

Publishing Schedule Updates:

  • First Chapter Published January 15th

  • Second Chapter Published in March 2017

  • Upcoming Third Chapter to be published late July

  • An Etsy store has been created where you may download large format digital prints of Whale Fall illustrations, check it out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhaleFallStore - Etsy store temporarily disabled until book is completed.