Hey everyone, I'm going to be updating this as I build this thing out. For now I'm simply going to attach a single Google doc that I used for brainstorming, along with some other assets as I create them...

Update (2/4/16)

I've already scrapped the first set of cards that I put together. I've been working with a friend of mine to think through the game mechanics and we believe we have a better plan for the cards moving forward. Now all I have to do is put the new prototype together. In the meantime I put the game board together in such a way that I can easily go in and change some things. My first goal is to get the cards made, the game pieces glued together, and to finally start playing!

UPDATE (2/15/16)

I recreated the card prototypes, for details, see card prototype 2!

Brainstorming Doc (outdated)

This document is pretty much outdated. I want to keep it here so folks can see my thought process the whole way through. The heart of where I'm going with the thing is still the same, but we're refining the game mechanics and the objects as we create them. Or, as a friend of mine likes to say, "We're building the plane as we fly it!"

Card Art

The first iteration of the game will rely heavily on the fact that it's very easy to find cat pictures on the internet. Also, I really like cats... so this is going to be the art direction for the first prototype.

Game Pieces (first prototype)

I'm putting these together by hand. I wanted to 3D print the pieces at first, but that seemed like a headache, so I headed to the party store and bought small figures that I'm going to glue onto small platforms (so they sit on the board correctly). As we work through the game mechanics I'm going to start printing the pieces custom. I have a 3D printer, so it won't be a big deal. It would be cool to get a community going where you can download and print 3D object files that other people created!

Example Cards (first prototype - scrapped)

These item cards and question cards have already been scrapped. I'm working with a friend of mine to think more deeply into the mechanics of the game. I'll have a new prototype up soon!

Ideas (Second Prototype)

  • Blank spaces in questions that can be filled in by item cards or spell cards (items are perm. and spells are instants). 
  • Possibly each question card can have categories associated with it, so there's less chance of a card being modified in a way where it doesn't make sense. Those categories can be identified as symbols on the bottom of the question card.

Example Cards Second Prototype

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.49.49 PM.png

Weapon/Armor Card Example

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.47.11 PM.png

Question Card Example

So, after going through the first card prototype with a few friends, it looks like this is going to be a much more scalable version of the cards. The weapons and armor will have ongoing effects on the questions that are asked by players and enemies. Spells will be considered one-off modifications to player and enemy questions. And question cards will rely on either the enemy having a modifier and/or the player having a modifier. I'm not sure how it's going to work when there are multiple modifiers going on... I guess I'll have to save that for prototype 3! (or maybe just add what I come up with to a new section called "game mechanics").

The Game Board

This is the first prototype of the game board. Essentially I would like to provide the skeleton to the game board to anyone who wants to download it and modify it any way that they want. I just put this game board together so I could start testing game mechanics.

Physical Characteristics

  • 30 inches x 20 inches
  • Each game space is 1 inch square
  • Printable/Downloadable Game Board(s), open-sourcing tiles/configuration

Areas of Interest

  • Open spaces on left side
  • Tight spaces on right side
  • Large room in middle
  • Alley way around board
  • Different tile textures help identify rooms and outside areas