What If...

I turn in an assignment late?

If you have a legitimate reason:

Example: Doctor's note, note from the principal or vice principal

  • Then we will re-asses the assignment and it’s due date.

If you do not have a legitimate reason:

Example: I was “sick”, I was “busy”, or “I didn’t get it”

  • Then you will receive a ZERO.

What If...

I am unprepared for class?

If a colleague allows you to borrow their supplies, they will get extra credit.

Example: If Tommy let's Susie borrow a pencil,

then Tommy will get extra credit on the assignment

Always have an extra on hand so you can lend it out and get extra credit!

What If...

I disrespect/am disrespected by others in class?

If the instructor deems that it is endearing disrespect between friends:

Example: Rob tells Dan he’s funny looking, because they're buds.

  • Your friendship is solid.

If the disrespect is malicious in nature:

Example: Rob Tells George that his momma's so fat that most are concerned with her health and well-being.

  • That is not Rob’s place and will therefore get a call home. 

What If...

I need to leave class for some reason?

If you have a legitimate reason:

Example: You have a signed note and it passes my scrutiny.

  • Then you may leave.

If you do not have a legitimate reason

Example: Dave wants to leave so he can chill with Jane in the hallway outside of Shoprite

  • Then you may not leave. And if you keep asking, or abuse the “Signed Note” Policy, then no one will leave. Ever. Even if the bell rings. See the movie: Cube... It'll be like that.