Biology Syllabus

First Marking Period Topics

Chapter 1: Engage: Being A Scientist

  • Cooperating like a Scientist
  • Communicating like a Scientist
  • Thinking as a Scientist Thinks
  • Recording Data in your Scientific Journal
  • You and the Science of Biology

Chapter 2: The Human Animal 

  • How Different Are We?
  • Primates Exploring Primates
  • Portraying Humankind
  • A Long Childhood
  • What Does It Mean to Be Human?

Chapter 3: Evolution: Change Across Time

  • Lucy
  • Modeling the Earth’s History
  • Evidence for Change Across Time
  • Explaining Evolution
  • Modeling Natural Selection
  • A Cold Hard Look at Culture
  • Evolution in Action

Chapter 4: Products of Evolution: Unity and Diversity

  • Strange Encounters
  • Describing Life
  • A Look at Diversity
  • Adaptation, Diversity, and Evolution
  • Using Unity to Organize Diversity 
  • Explaining the Zebra’s Stripes
  • First Encounter with the Critter

Second Marking Period Topics

Chapter 5: The Internal Environment of Organisms

  • Can You Stand the Heat
  • Cells in Action
  • A Cell Model
  • Regulating the Internal Environment
  • Can You Stand the Heat-Again

Chapter 6: Maintaining Balance in Organisms

  • The Body Responds 
  • What’s Your Temperature Now?
  • Stepping Up the Pace
  • On a Scale of 0 to 14
  • How Do They Stay So Cool?
  • Homeostasis in Your Critter

Chapter 7: Performance and Fitness

  • What Is in the Food You Eat
  • You Are What You Eat


Third Marking Period Topics

Chapter 8: The Cellular Basis of Activity

  • Releasing Energy
  • Energy in Matter
  • Keep on Running!
  • Using Light Energy to Build Matter
  • Building Living Systems
  • Tracing Matter and Energy

Chapter 9: The Cycling of Matter and The Flow of Energy in Communities

  • A Matter of Trash
  • Exploring the Cycling of Matter in Communities
  • Spinning the Web of Life
  • Generating Some Heat
  • What Have I Learned about Energy and Matter in Communities

Chapter 10: Interdependence Among Organisms in the Biosphere

  • Observing the World Around Us
  • Interactions in the World around Us
  • The Pasture Story
  • Mystery on Easter Island
  • Critters and Interdependence


Fourth Marking Period Topics

Chapter 11: Reproduction in Humans and Other Organisms

  • A Zillion Ways to Make More
  • Making Sense of Reproductive Strategies
  • Making Sense of Human Reproduction
  • A Reproductive Strategy for Your Critter

Chapter 12: Continuity of Information Through Inheritance

  • Gifts from Your Parents
  • Game of Chance
  • Patterns of Inheritance
  • Understanding Inherited Patterns
  • Can You Sort It Out?
  • The Genetic Basis of Human Variation
  • Continuity and Change

Chapter 13: Gene Action

  • The Stuff of Life
  • Transferring Information
  • Modeling DNA
  • Gene Expression
  • A Closer Look at Protein Synthesis
  • Genetic Technology
  • Words to Live By

Chapter 14: Processes and Patterns of Development

  • One Hundred Years of Questions
  • A Start in Development
  • Processes That Generate Complexity
  • Development Gone Awry
  • Evaluating Where We Stand